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Raney's Well & Pump Service: A Legacy of Dedication and Success

From 1972 to 1981, under the name Capital Well Drilling, our company embarked on a journey that would shape our future. After my honorable discharge from the Army in July 1968, having served a year in Vietnam, I quickly realized that life had changed since before my military service. Returning to my previous factory job felt confining, and I longed for something more. An opportunity arose to venture into the world of drilling water wells and installing pumps and tanks for homes and businesses, and I seized it, even though I had no prior knowledge of running a business.


Acquiring licenses in Illinois, Arkansas, and Missouri, my wife and I embarked on this new journey together. We both learned the ropes through firsthand experience, facing the challenges that came our way. Determined to succeed, we dedicated ourselves to our craft, working tirelessly seven days a week for many years. Today, we are proud to say that our business has thrived for over five decades.

As health issues forced me into retirement, my son, Jason Raney, who has been working alongside us since his high school days, stepped up to carry on the family tradition. He, too, became licensed and has done an outstanding job. It fills my heart with immense pride to witness his growth and accomplishments. Meanwhile, my wife, Cheryl Raney, continues to manage the bookkeeping tasks with unwavering diligence.


Our journey began in March 1972 as Capital Well Drilling, and though the name changed to Raney's Well & Pump Service in 1981, our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction remained unwavering. Throughout the years, we owe our success to the unwavering support of our loyal customers. We are truly grateful for their trust and patronage, which have played a pivotal role in making our business flourish.

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